A Dramatisation, based on Luke and other scriptures.

Welcome to the Gospel of Luke

The Book of Luke

Based on the Gospel of Luke and other scriptures. Follow the instructions to hear some samples and to download the production. I had to split the downloads into two stories at a time for ease of downloading.

This production of the Gospel of Luke was inspired by Jesus in 2007. By His grace I started this production studying various bible translations in English and then using this knowledge to write a dramatized version of the Gospel of Luke.

After that, it was also translated into Afrikaans from my English production. No copyright laws have been breached. Many people from various churches joined me in acting out all the different characters. The Afrikaans production is included. See tab.

My dream is to produce more languages from my original production as Jesus leads me. So watch this space. There is a section where you can find the script as a download. Use it in Sunday school or anywhere.

These stories are dramatized into English and also Afrikaans (which is similar to the Flemish language). They are lively enactments of the stories found in the Gospel of Luke, by various actors.

They are similar to radio plays with sound effects and music and are endorsed by many preachers of various church denominations, ranging from Secular to Charismatic.

They are downloads ideal for MP3 players and also lovely entertainment when traveling in your vehicle.

Listen to Samples

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