A Dramatisation, based on Luke and other scriptures.


You are redeemed.

When you sin now after your salvation, it does not change your status as a ‘child of God’. You are not unrighteous because of a slip up. ‘there is no judgement for those in Christ.’ You are redeemed. The same applies for while you were unsaved; when you then did righteous things, it did not make you righteous. Only Jesus, the second Adam, could take us out of the sin prison inherited from the first Adam. What a blessing. JanJan Smit Smily

Let us always confess His promises

Creflo Dollar teaches; Give voice to Gods word when you read it. The angels will react to the Word. (Obviously do not tempt God.) God will instruct His angels to protect us where ever we go.  Ps.91. Also ps. 1O3 v 2O; Bless the Lord you mighty angels that excel in strength, that do His commandments, hearkening unto THE VOICE OF HIS WORD (King James). Let us always confess His promises aloud. Lets voice it. Lets confess it aloud on a daily basis. Creflo said that he actually saw angels in the year 2OOO, after an accident. They saved him when he was going over the edge of a cliff with his vehicle. Afterwards he remembered that he confessed  ps 91 earlier that day.   Makes you think doesnt it? JanImage1

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